We are in the final week of The New Horizon capital stewardship campaign.  Thank you for your sacrificial generosity; the commitments are now in excess of 1.7 million dollars!  If you have not returned your commitment card, I encourage you to do so even if you cannot support the campaign financially.

             The most commonly asked question since the Vision Banquet has been, “When are we going to break ground?”  The answer is that many things have to happen before we can break ground.  First the Building Committee must meet and evaluate the cash on hand, The New Horizon commitments, and our borrowing capability to establish a budget for the new building phase one.  Once the budget has been established and approved by the church, the Building Committee will work with LifeWay Church Architecture to develop the plan drawings necessary for construction.  Part of that process includes our securing a general contractor who will work with LifeWay in the design-build approach they use.  When the plan documents are complete the project will be let for bid to subcontractors.  After the bids have been accepted and all of our contractors secured, then we can break ground and begin construction.  (This list of steps may or may not be complete, flexibility is required during any building project.)

             As you can see from the above list of “steps” we have much to do before construction can begin.  I have titled this, “What Is Next?”  The answer:  Pray for the Building Committee to have wisdom.  Pray for the church to be unified.  Pray for Pastor to be sane—leading a church through a relocation and building project is mind-boggling—he will need all the help you can give him.

             I am really glad God called me to be your pastor, I love the body of Christ known as First Baptist in Clinton, MO.

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