This morning I was thinking about you.  I was leafing through the pages of the church directory, praying for you, and rejoicing in the Lord for the opportunity to serve his great church in Clinton.  I really am glad I am your pastor.

As I read each name I am vividly aware of the fact that some of you I know very well, some of you I know to some extent, and others I confess I do not know.  So I am just like you.  This prayer exercise points to the truth that we need each other.  I hope you are making a commitment to participate in one or more of the many “We Need Each Other” group gatherings in the next few weeks. My prayer is that through the “We Need Each Other” groups there will be fewer people on each of our lists whom we do not know.

I sometimes hear families say, “We only get together at funerals.”  Let’s not let tragedy or loss be the thing that brings us together.  Let’s get together often to build up the body of Christ because “We Need Each Other.”

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