Trunk or Treat, Thursday October 31, has something that anyone can do.  If you can sit, there is a job for you.  If you can stand, you too a job can do.  If you can smile, a job there is for you.  (I think I may have been reading too much Dr Seuss.)  Point is Trunk or Treat takes a lot of people and there is a place in this ministry for everybody regardless of age or physical limitations.  If you can pray, you can unleash God’s power.  If you can point, you can show the way.  If you can play, the children of our community will have a great safe day.

This important outreach ministry requires many volunteers.  When Howard Bullock needs you to do something, just say, “Yes.”  At least 30 car/truck/skid-loader/tractor/buggy/just-about-anything-works are needed for Trunk or Treat so volunteer yours today (that also means you decorate it and greet children).  It really takes about 200 people to provide a safe enjoyable evening for our community.  Do not delay, commit now, to be part of this great ActsOne8 Jerusalem outreach ministry.

Other ActsOne8 Jerusalem ministries coming soon:  Great Garment Giveaway – September 21, Car Care Clinic – 9am-2pm September 28, Home Run Movie – November 3, and My Hope America with Billy Graham – November.

“Matthew” host home training for My Hope America with Billy Graham is currently underway.  It is not too late to get involved.  Join us Sunday 5 PM in the Lighthouse.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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