Trunk or Treat – Vansant Road – October 31, 2016

Trunk or Treat is a gift to our community.  It is a great opportunity for us to provide a safe place for children, interact briefly with parents, and share Jesus in a passive way through the use of biblically themed decorations.  Trunk or Treat produces good will in the community, which is important in a time when public opinion of church in general is skeptical.

Trunk or Treat takes about 30 car/truck/skid-loader/tractor/buggy/just-about-anything-works entries to make Trunk or Treat work effectively, so volunteer yours today.  Get creative with your decorations—no scary stuff—this is not a Halloween event it is an outreach event that happens on Halloween.  Use your decorations to present the Gospel, be bold and brief; people move by quickly.  Think of it as presenting the Gospel in one sentence.  You do not have to make this up, use a Bible verse.  If each entry presents the Good News, then a person walking through will receive a significant presentation of the Gospel.  Add to the decorations some conversation and we could see some people come to faith in Jesus.

Your help is needed.  It takes about 200 of us to set up, clean up, and host Trunk or Treat, so saying “Your help is needed,” is a huge understatement.  More people came to Trunk or Treat last year than any other single event during the year.  I am grateful for those who have committed to help with Trunk or Treat again this year.  It is impossible to have too much help, so your help is needed.

Here is how you can get involved beginning immediately.

  • Pray now for God to use the gospel tract the children will receive to open families to his love.
  • Decorate your “trunk,” don a kid-friendly costume (no scary stuff), and have a blast as you interact with the crowd handing out candy.
  • Monday afternoon help set up the area and pray over the event; this begins about noon.
  • Help inside greeting people or outside with security.

When Howard Bullock needs you to do something, just say, “Yes.”

Trunk or Treat same event, great new location – Vansant Road, October 31.

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