The concert of prayer—all of us praying together about the same thing at the same time—can have powerful impact upon us.  We do this at least three times each year – The Week of Prayer for International Missions, North American Missions, and State Missions, so this is not a new concept.  Whenever we pray for the mission of the church, God opens our eyes to see where he is working and then invites us to join him.  His invitation calls us to a point of decision—Lord, how do you want me to be involved?  When we get involved in the way he directs, we experience the powerful impact that prayer has upon us.

      This week is the week of prayer for The New Horizon capital stewardship campaign. A devotional guide and reminder table tents were made available for each family on Sunday. The devotional guide is available on the church website,; under the category FEATURED PAGES, “The New Horizon” 8 Day Prayer Guide. Use is not limited to this week!

     Join me in seeking God in The New Horizon this week and beyond.  Lord, how do you want me to be involved?

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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