Eight-Day Devotional Guide


The Festival of Tabernacles began and ended on a Sabbath with a solemn assembly (Lev 23:33-46; Num 29:12-39; Deut 16:13).  The people spent the week in a succoth (shelter, lean-to, tent) and did no work.  The week was filled with very specific acts of worship via burnt offerings, grain offerings, sacrifices, and drink offerings each day.  The Feast of Booths, as it is sometimes called, was unique in that it was the only festival where rejoicing was commanded (Lev 23:40).  Think of it as taking off work, camping out in a tent, and partying for a week before the Lord.

The foundation of all that we do at First Baptist Church is prayer.  The first step of event preparation is prayer.  Spiritual preparation comes first.  The New Horizon capital stewardship campaign is no different other ministries in this regard.  The purpose of this guide is to assist you in your personal spiritual preparation for God’s current and future work among us.

Back to the Feast of Tabernacles for a moment.  What was the purpose of this feast?  It was to remember and relive ancient Israel’s travel through the wilderness beginning with God’s miraculous delivery from Egypt (Ex 14).  It was also to rejoice in the reality of God’s more than adequate provision for their needs all those years wandering.  God took command of the horizon and gave them clear directions day (cloud over the tabernacle) and night (fire filled the cloud) during all their travels (Ex 13:21; 40:38, Num 9:15-23).  God provided water (Ex 17, Nu 20), manna and quail (Ex 16; Nu 11), and their clothes and shoes did not wear out for forty years (Deut 29:5).  Annually they spent a week rejoicing because God’s provisions in the past is his pointer to future provisions.

Use The New Horizon table tent (or you could camp out if you want) as a reminder and the devotional guide prepared by the church staff as a beginning place in your prayer time.  Spend this week remembering, reliving, and rejoicing in God’s provision for your life.  Look to the horizon of the past 146 years of God’s more than adequate provisions for First Baptist Church and rejoice.  Look to the new horizon and seek God, who invites us to see what he already sees on The New Horizon.


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