“The Gathering” is the name we are giving to the all new and tastefully improved Wednesday evening schedule.  “The Gathering” will include dinner, worship, and small groups.  Worship and small groups will utilize The Gospel Project, a “Bible study resource that invites Adults, Students, and Kids of all ages to dive deeply into God’s story of redemption through Jesus Christ” (LifeWay).  “The Gathering” scheduled will be as follows:


Dinner:  served 5—6:15 PM

Worship:  6:30—6:55 PM

Small Groups: 7—8 PM

“The Gathering” Dinner—the meal will be served as people arrive between 5 and 6:15 PM.  Beth Wilson is the chef—this is NOT pot-luck—she will need help with serving and clean up (still working on that detail).  The cost is $4 per person with a $20 family maximum with children birth to Kindergarten free (price subject to change because the meal must be self-funding).  Reservations are required.  A standing reservation list will be developed for those who plan to attend weekly, so you only have to notify the office if you are not attending on a particular Wednesday.

The reservation deadline is noon on Tuesday.

“The Gathering” Worship—the worship will be as intergenerational as possible, involving children, youth, and adults in leadership.  Pastor Randy and Chris will share the teaching time on an alternating schedule.

“The Gathering” Small Groups—the small groups will be very similar to those currently meeting.  Cherub Choir will meet 5:15-6:30 PM as they currently do.  Age-graded groups for children and youth will meet 7-8 PM.  Choir and the adult prayer and Bible study groups will meet 7-8 PM (which is thirty minutes later than the current schedule).

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