This morning as I write this article I am looking over the city of Falmouth, Jamaica via Google Earth. Half of my computer screen is this word document and the other is an aerial view of Falmouth. I am praying over the whole city while our team is ministering throughout the area. This helps me really connect with the team; I can pray as if I were on the trip with them. Please be in constant prayer for our team this week.

I have also prayed over our city this morning. Google Earth is not a live satellite feed because the FBC Vansant Road campus is still a field. Keep checking for the update and praying for the thousands of people under the roofs you see who are lost without Jesus.

While I was traveling around this morning, I visited Fayette, MO; specifically the campus of Central Methodist University where Clayton and Amanda Kreisel are Navigators Campus Ministers. Through ActsOne8 we have been financial supporters of the Kreisel’s ministry. Sunday morning February 1, Clayton and a group of CMU students will lead in our worship. Please pray for these students as they prepare for their visit to Clinton.

It is my understanding that we still need some host homes for students Saturday evening. If you are willing to host some students, please contact Kathy at 885-2211 or by email:

You are the best and I am really glad God is letting me be your pastor.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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