This week, July 21-25, Jesus believing people from several Clinton churches come together for Soul Survivor Camp. It is a very important week in our community for the sharing of the gospel with a large number of young people. The Clinton church will work together for the glory of God and the benefit of children in our community. I expect to see strangers become partners in ministry this week because God is at work and we are joining him.

Every mission requires the support of praying people, if you cannot physically help with Soul Survivor Camp, you can pray. Here are a few of the prayer needs. Pray for the small group leaders as they spend the day building relationships with the children. Pray for the special guests who will be presenting the gospel with a variety of approaches. Pray for the Pastors as they lead the Bible study sessions. Pray for the Missions leaders as they inspire boys and girls to be personally involved in the mission of Jesus. Pray for the music, crafts, and recreation teams as they engage the children and share the gospel. Pray for the host of support staff who are helping provide physical the needs of the children. Pray for the Holy Spirit to infuse each volunteer, empowering their natural abilities and giving them extra energy for the week, especially since we are facing the hottest days of the year so far.

I am really glad that God is allowing me to pastor a praying people who are actively involved in the mission of Jesus.
Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

PS: Pray daily for The Power Team Evangelistic Crusade.

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