Easter (I prefer Resurrection Sunday, but my lost and unchurched friends do not think that way.) is a great time to invite friends to worship because many of them are already thinking about attending an Easter service somewhere.  Taking advantage of the seasonal interest that people have is good stewardship of your witness.  Plus it is a great encouragement when they say, “Yes.”

Here is my challenge, invite them the Sunday after Resurrection Sunday also.  Our interest is making disciples.  If we can get our friends to attend more than once, then the opportunity we have to make disciples increases.  Inviting a friend to Sunday School further increases the opportunity to make disciples.

Sunday School is our number one ActsOne8 Jerusalem ministry.  The Sunday School is organized to reach our community for Christ.  The Sunday School is the place where you are loved and love each other into a growing relationship with Jesus.  The best of FBC Clinton is found in the care of a Sunday School class.  Sunday School is a key tool in reaching our Jerusalem.  What will your Sunday School class do to reach Henry County for Christ?

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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