Pray for Schools

Students return to public school this week.  Clinton Christian Academy students begin after Labor Day.  Pray for the schools from top to bottom.  Prayed for the Board of Education that they will have wisdom in their policy-making role.  Pray for school Administrators and Principals that they will serve well as they lead the schools.   Pray for the teachers that they will be able to engage students in the adventure of learning.  Pray for the large number of people who are support staff that their work ethic will be a positive influence upon students.


Pray for students to have good beginnings that will set the tone of the year for them at all of the area schools.  Pray for Christian students to be bold in their lifestyle and faith.  Pray for student organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes where faith in Jesus can be openly supported.  Pray for the many students who need Jesus.


Move beyond the prayer closet by staying informed through attending as many of the Board of Education meetings as possible, and building relationships with Administrators, Teachers, and Board Members.  Lives can be changed even in the “regulated” environment of the schools if we build relationships and share Jesus.  If we get involved, we can have a positive impact on education in the area.


Through ActsOne8 Jerusalem First Baptist is providing the public school with Rachel’s Challenge on September 6.  Pray for this event to have positive impact in the public school.  Commit to attend and invite others to the community event in the evening at the Performing Arts Center.  Pray and mark this date on your calendar, I will provide you more information later.


So now I ask you to join me in regularly praying for public and private schools in the area.  Prayer is still allowed in school.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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