Many have prayed and worked for months in anticipation of this week. The Power Team will arrive Wednesday August 27. Seven o’clock Wednesday evening the “evangelistic crusade” will officially begin. First Baptist Church is gifting this crusade to the community, so I believe that it is important for the church to be in attendance at the crusade, especially the first night. The Performing Arts Center is huge; if each one of us first grade and older who were in church Sunday bring one guest with us Wednesday evening, there will still be empty seats. So invite two friends.

 Wednesday at 1:30 PM Mayor Greg Lowe will proclaim this week, “Power Team Week.” Join us at City Hall, if you are available for this short presentation.

 I understand that evangelistic crusades need a movement of God to result in conversions. We have prayed. We are prepared. We are inviting our family and friends. The rest is up to God. When the Holy Spirit moves like a mighty rushing wind across our community, we will see a harvest of souls. We cannot decide God’s timing, nor dictate his movement, but we can trust him to honor his holy name. Through our season of praying, I heard someone ask God to “show up and show off through the Power Team crusade.” Let it be so!

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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