My family had a great time at the Christmas Gathering because you came.  Thanks for beginning the Christmas season with us.  I am really glad God is letting me be your pastor.


Through the ministries of the church we intend to attract people to Jesus and to the church.  This season of the year and good music are two things that make attracting people a little easier.  Many of your family and friends will respond positively to an invitation to the Christmas music program, “Born is the King.”


The Christmas season is a busy time for most people.  So invite your family and friends to attend the Christmas music program, “Born is the King,” soon.  Get the Christmas music program on their calendar for December 15 or 16 before they fill it with something less wholesome, like shopping.  If you invite them, they are likely to attend.


Sunday evening (Dec 9) we have a unique opportunity to learn more about Beijing, China.  We will have a guest from Beijing to talk with us about the city.  Following a Chinese themed fellowship meal we will have our business meeting then learn about the continuing spread of Christianity among the Chinese.

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