JOHN KOPTA, 25 Years with THE POWER TEAM makes John the senior member of The Power Team, with a proven track record of personal and professional excellence. John is a Power Team board member and excellent role model for the Power Team members. Standing 6’-0” tall and weighing 250 lbs., John was a wrestling and bodybuilding champion. John has blown up over 2,000 hot water bottles, and has literally crushed countless tons of ice and concrete with his fist, forearm, and head. Over his 20 years with the Power Team, John has now spoken into the lives of well over a million people around the world.

 TIMBER(Matt Dopson), Standing 6’-3” and weighing 305 pounds, Matt has massive 34” legs and leg presses over 2,000 pounds! After an injury in high school they said he would never play football again. But with hard work and dedication, Matt played college football in North Carolina as a stand-out defensive lineman. He is also a great praise and worship leader with a wonderful singing voice.

 SABER(Chrisy Dopson), Standing 6’-0”, this all-natural athlete was an All-State Basketball / All-State Volleyball player in 5A Texas High School. She earned a full-ride scholarship to a Div. 1A college, but opted out to stay in TX and become a professional trainer, while focusing on being a Godly role-model to reach as many women for Jesus Christ as possible. Since being saved at a Billy Graham crusade at the age of 5, Saber’s focus on Jesus has continued to help her overcome obstacles and grow as she encourages others to live up to their God-given potential and destiny. As beautiful inside as she is outside, shining the love of Jesus Christ.

 “BIG COUNTRY” (Kaleb Wright), Standing 6’-0”, and weighing 280 pounds, Kaleb is the youngest member of The Power Team.  At 20 years old, he can bench press over 500 pounds. He can leg press over 2,000 pounds. He can roll up a steel frying pan in his bare hands until it looks like a cylinder. Kaleb has an incredible heart to reach his generation and generations to come, encouraging young people to be dream-makers.

Pray for the athlete/evangelists as they prepare to present the Gospel in our community, August 27-31. Pray for the area schools where the Power Team will be delivering an anti-bullying and positive choices message Thursday and Friday. Continue praying for your “Ten Wanted” list and invite them to attend.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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