Not often do we have national media support for something we are doing in Henry County, but that is what we have through My Hope with Billy Graham.  The Matthew approach that has been used effectively abroad fits into our Henry County Strategy very well.  My Hope with Billy Graham is a resource for helping us reach Henry County for Jesus.

Throughout the Spring and Summer I have  presented to you My Hope with Billy Graham through messages and videos.  I have asked you to pray about your own involvement and for people who need to know Jesus.  Now it is time to make your commitment.  Will you be a “Matthew” and host some friends who need to know Jesus in your home during the first week of November?

I will lead the “Matthew” training September 15, 22, and 29 at 5PM in the Lighthouse room.  The training includes three Bible studies:  The Effective Christian Life, The Christian’s Witness, and Follow-up and the Care of New Christians; so bring your Bible. These lessons will benefit you, even if you have not yet committed to being a “Matthew” for the My Hope Crusade.

My heart’s desire and prayer to God for Henry County citizens is that they may be saved.  God deserves the worship of every person in the world, but there is little I can do about that.  However, together we can share Jesus with our friends and neighbors in Henry County and God can receive the worship he deserves from our part of the world.  In “Matthew” homes across the county Jesus will be shared and many will be saved.

Prepare now through the “Matthew” training to be part of God’s harvest in Henry County, Missouri.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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