Preparation: Encourage all members to listen to the message each weekend, writing down what God speaks to them, what they learned, and how to apply those in everyday life.

1. Connect:  Always use food, greetings, and a good ice-breaker to get walls down and help members ‘warm up’ to the discussion and strengthen friendships
a. ex. If you could live in any foreign country for a month, where would it be and why?

2.  Give the overview of the message
a. What was the topic of the message?
b. What were the key Bible passages used?
c. What was the context of the Bible passages? (Old/New Testament, What author, Who was it written to, What situation, What time period)
d. How can you see the message of Christ in these passages?

3.  What spoke to you (each person) about the message? Why?

4.  How can we apply the Biblical practices and truths learned in this message?
a. ex: What relationship are coming to mind that you are in right now that God is leading you to repair?  or Where are you finding this hardest to implement in your life right now?

5.  What would happen or has happened as these Biblical practices are applied?
a. How could this help me to the Great Commission of Christ to reach, raise, and release others into their God-given purpose?

6. Prayer requests
a. Prayer for God’s help in growing spiritually in the areas covered by the message
b. Prayer for any areas of members’ lives that need prayer

Things to avoid:

1. Critiquing the message
a. The goal of this group is to help me grow to become more like Christ in spiritual maturity, not to criticize what my church is doing.

2. Not opening the Bible
a. Messages in church are a tool to help us understand the Bible and grow, they are not a substitute for Scripture

3. Not making it personal
a. Mere intellectual review of a topic will not help us become spiritual adults, however, opening up our heart and becoming transparent about our struggles will.