We’d love for you to join us this Sunday…

What are you looking for on Sunday Morning?

  • A safe, welcoming environment for you and your family?
  • The Bible to be taught to your children by loving adults?
  • Worship the whole family will enjoy?
  • A fun place your children will make new friends?

We strive to provide safe, loving classrooms with teachers who care greatly for your children and their spiritual development. We also provide children with opportunities to worship and fellowship as they have fun and make new friends in our interactive and engaging classes and services.

If you are new to FBC, simply stop by the Children’s Welcome Center, located in the foyer. There, one of our volunteers will help you sign you child in and find a classroom.

8:30 & 11:00  am- Morning Worship…

Down the Preschool & Children’s Hallway, we have 3 classes available for your little ones:

  • Nursery (Room 112)- ideal for newborns-crawlers.
  • Walkers & Talkers (Room 116)- ideal for those walking around exploring the world and for those talking and ready for Bible stories and songs.
  • 3’s & 4’s (Room 113)- ideal for your older preschooler, this classroom has almost a full hour of activities; including Bible stories, songs, games, and other projects to help them learn more about our Heavenly Father.

Gradeschoolers (Kindergarten and up) are encouraged to attend Worship Service with their family during early service. Midway through service, Kindergarten – 4th graders have the option to go to Children’s Church in the Studio, or stay with their parents. Either way, they will hear a Biblical lesson that will impact their lives.

9:45 am- Sunday School…

We currently have 11 different Sunday School Classes available for birth through 6th Grade on Sunday mornings. Sunday School is the ideal atmosphere for your child to learn about the Bible, have fun with their friends of the same age group, and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

We can easily help you find classes for your children. (Don’t worry parents, we have great classes for you and your teenagers, too.)

We will gladly help you find a place for you and your kiddos- join us this Sunday!