Kathmandu, Nepal  June 27—July 7

North India Cluster Annual Conference

Michelle Houk, lead planner for the Cluster Conference, has informed us of an urgent need.  A USA church team has backed out of their commitment to help with the Cluster Conference leaving Michelle to find a team to help with the MKs (Missionary Kids).  This situation is further complicated by the fact that Michelle is in the USA on medical leave with Caleb.

The task:  Vacation Bible School with the children of IMB personnel while they are attending the conference.

The People Group:  English speaking children of our IMB missionaries.

The Location:  Gokaina Forest Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Cost:  approximately $2900 (per person airfare, double occupancy, and visa) plus  in transit costs: meals, possibly a hotel, and personal money.  Nepal is a visa upon arrival country, each person will need a passport photo to attach to your visa application.  Airfare is the major portion of the cost and that changes daily, so the sooner tickets can be purchased the better.  ActsOne8 scholarships are available to assist with the cost.

This is a great family mission trip opportunity (except for the cost), the setting is safe and comfortable, the task is familiar, and children are welcome.  The trip mission supports the work of missionary families and fits the mission of our church to fulfill the Great Commission by loving some missionary kids into a growing relationship with Jesus.

One family and two adults have committed to the mission.  Ideally 12 adults are needed for this mission, but we will go with the number of adults God provides.  Tickets for the airfare need to be purchased as a group on May 20.  So Sunday May 19 is the deadline for committing to the Kathmandu Mission.  If this is God’s call for you or your family, contact Kathy at 885-2211.  If you have questions contact Sandra or Pastor Randy.


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