Sunday morning as Kathy and Kevin were being recognized for their years of services, I thought, “I am blessed to work with such great people.”  Indeed God has blessed us (First Baptist Church) with an extraordinary staff!  As Pastor I am privileged to work closely with Kevin, Chris, Sandra, Kathy, Tina, Robert, and Shelly.  Our staff is committed to whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of the church.  They all minister beyond their “job description” because they have seen a need in the ministry life of the church and have responded to give leadership to meeting the need.  They do not view their work as a “job” but as a “calling” about which they are passionate.  Their servant-leadership is rooted in a deep and growing spirituality.  Like the Apostle Paul, “For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake” (2 Cor 4:5, NIV84).

The subject of staff is often a topic of concern when pastors get together to visit.  I listen to the challenges that some pastors face with their staff and grieve with them while inwardly praising God for the great staff with whom I am privileged to serve.  God has truly blessed our church by assembling the seven very gifted people we call our staff.

I often praise volunteers because the church is a volunteer based organization.  But behind those volunteers is a staff member who in many cases has recruited, equipped, encouraged, and inspired.  I applaud our staff, they are adding value to the life and ministry of the church. I am glad I am your pastor and delighted to minister with Kevin, Chris, Sandra, Kathy, Tina, Robert, and Shelly.

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