WOW!  I saw God work in and through a lot of people Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Only by the Holy Spirit’s tug can lives be opened as we saw during the event.  When members began telling their stories Sunday evening I began to realize how much work God had done among us through sharing garments with 568 women.  The Great Garment Giveaway was an experiencing God moment for us and I believe a God-honoring event.

To God be the glory and to the 170 Clinton volunteers THANKS!  I am very grateful to Colleen McGinnis for saying “yes” to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and giving all of us the opportunity to experience God at work through the Great Garment Giveaway.  Without Colleen’s “yes” to God the church would not have had this positive encounter with the community.

Is God nudging you?  Please say, “Yes.”  Your “yes” could lead to an experience with God for all of us.  Each of our mission trips or projects can be traced to one person’s “yes.”  God’s movement among us begins in his work in one of us.  I wonder who will be the next catalyst for what God desires among us?  Please say, “Yes.”

I love God’s church in Clinton and am really glad I am your pastor.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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