John Kopta, Senior Vice President of the Power Team, each evening in the  invitation, said, “If there are a thousand steps to be taken, God will take 999; but you must take the first step.” One hundred eighty people took the first step during the Power Team Evangelistic Crusade. Yeah God!

 Each evening the crowd shouted, “This is the night that could change the rest of my life.” An additional forty-three people recommitted their life to Christ. Some of them have already talked with me about church membership. Yeah God!

 Equally as exciting for me is the unrecorded number of First Baptist members who are taking the next step in their spiritual growth because of participation in the Power Team Evangelistic Crusade. When men and women who are actively involved in the mission of the church decide to throw caution to the wind and say to God, “Whatever you want for my life is all I want; yes Lord, to whatever.” That is called revival. Yeah God!

 The Power Team Evangelistic Crusade has given us a tremendous opportunity that begins now. We have 223 people on our follow-up list. Jesus did not say, “go make converts.” Jesus said, “go make disciples.” Therefore our task is to help each of them take the next steps of baptism, church membership, and ongoing Bible study. This is where you come into the picture. If you know someone who made a decision at the crusade, invite them to Sunday School and worship next Sunday. Your friend received a booklet at the crusade, invite them to bring it to you home and study through it with them. Just ask God to guide you, that could lead to the next step in your spiritual growth.

 I am really glad that God is giving me the opportunity to be your pastor.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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