Globally Focused Prayer

Sunday I called attention to our ActsOne8 Prayer Journal.  The prayer journal is one tool that helps us pray for the peoples of the world to come to Christ.  On the 10th day of every month our attention is directed toward Falmouth, Jamaica.  As it turns out, this month we have a team there.  We have been praying regularly in preparation for what God is going to do through the team this week.

This morning as I write this article I am looking over the city of Falmouth, Jamaica via Google Earth.  Half of my computer screen is this word document and the other is an aerial view of Falmouth from 6,349 feet elevation.  I am praying over the whole city while our team is ministering throughout the area.  This helps me really connect with the team; I am on the trip with them.

One does not have to know much about computers (I certainly do not) to use this tool in globally focused prayer.  If you have a computer, download Google Earth (its free), and go to the peoples of the world as you pray for them.

Google Earth is a great tool to use while praying.  I have recently hovered over the Seminary in Cochrane, Canada, the Houk’s city in India, the Hughes’ city in Southeast Asia, Randy’s city in China, and Clinton, MO in prayer.  My praying is greatly enhanced by the experience of seeing the city as I pray thanks to satellite technology.

Tell me where you have been on your globally focused prayer adventures.

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