Sunday evening February 9 the Building Committee will make their report and present their recommendation.  The report will begin at 6:30 PM.  Therefore the afternoon schedule will be adjusted with all activities beginning 30 minutes earlier.  Please take note of the following schedule for Sunday evening February 9.

4:00    Stewardship and Finance

4:30    Sunday School @ Night, Mission Friends, GA’s, and RA’s

5:30    Fellowship Meal

6:30    Building Committee Presentation

I trust that you have received, reviewed, and are praying over the Building Committee’s summary report that was mailed last week.  These are days of prayer as we approach the decision on February 16.  Each of us must come before the Lord seeking his will for the future of his church.

It overstates the obvious that this decision sets the course for both the immediate and distant future of the church.  The decision to begin building inaugurates several years of transition in the life of the church.  It presents an open door of opportunity that requires great faith as we move forward from here.  None of us can know what this future will look like, but we can walk together united in faith to the glory of God.  I am really glad for God’s call to be your pastor at such a time as this.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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