LIFEGroups in the Building Pollicy

  • Purpose: To uphold the expectation of what is being asked of the LIFEGroup Leaders and the LIFEGroup Department in regards to facilities and childcare.
  • We commit to:

    Facilities The responsibility of the room set up is by Group Leaders. You will be provided tables and chairs to be set up in assigned rooms. Please leave the building and the room better than the way you found it. This includes resetting the room back to the way it was. There are pictures of what the reset should look like on the inside of the cabinet doors. Childcare All attendees who have children and want their children to be cared for must follow the required FBC childcare admission process to admit their child to the FBC Kids Childcare Areas. Leaders will not be handling any childcare admission processes. We ask you to remind your parents to plan in advance when admitting for childcare. Cancellations All leaders are responsible for letting your point of contact know if they will not be having a scheduled meeting. In the event that group is canceled, the leader will be responsible for paying the cost of childcare if childcare is fee-based. Your point of contact for facilities and childcare is: Vansant Campus and Worship Center - TBA Downtown Offices - TBA