August 27-31, 7 PM

The Performing Arts Center

Clinton High School


THE POWER TEAM is a group of world-class athletes who have performed the world’s greatest exhibitions of power, strength, speed, inspiration, and motivation in every state and in over 40 countries for over 30 years. These giant men, many weighing over 300 pounds, can blow up hot water bottles like balloons, snap baseball bats like twigs, lift telephone poles overhead, rip phone books and license plates like pieces of paper, and smash walls of ice and concrete.

The Power Team has several world record holders, former NFL football players, and professional wrestlers. Governors, senators, and congressmen have endorsed The Power Team for their positive contribution to the lives of America’s families.

The two most important words in the title of this Journeying is “Evangelistic Crusade.” The “Power Team” is our evangelist. They are coming to proclaim Jesus to our community. They use exhibits of “power” to show the “POWER” of Jesus to transform lives. As with any evangelistic crusade, prayer is the key preparation. Begin now praying for your acquaintances who do not yet know Jesus to confess Jesus as Lord through the crusade. The Power Team staff tell me that they are praying for 300 conversions through our evangelistic crusade. Invite all your friends and family to see the exhibits of power and hear the message of Jesus at the Evangelistic Crusade, August 27-31.

If we “pray it down” and “talk it up,” this Evangelistic Crusade could transform our community. Think about it, 300 new believers in one week …

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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