Sunday morning I saw a parable of healthy church.  The ushers were standing at the front preparing to receive the offering as the song ended when I had a vision.  The usher on the left was wearing shorts and a polo shirt, the one on the right was in a suit complete with tie.  This for me was a picture of a healthy inviting church where the focus is upon the one we worship rather than what we wear.


When ushers wear shorts and stand before the congregation to lead in prayer, we have successfully eliminated the excuse that many use.  Now those we invite must come up with a better excuse than, “I do not have the right kind of clothes to wear to First Baptist.”  To this I say, “Yeah God.”


Healthy inviting churches remove barriers, build people up, and focus on God and his word.  These are some of the components of a focus on fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission which leads to a great church for the glory of God.  I see all three of these happening in the life of our church and am really glad God is allowing me to serve here as pastor. 


Next we must eliminate the excuse, “I do not go because there are hypocrites in the church.”

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