Phase 1 of our building project is officially underway.  The contract with Westport Construction was signed on Thursday (3/13).  Westport will secure contracts with the sub-contractors and work on Phase 1 will begin as weather permits.

The  Ground Breaking Ceremony is scheduled for Sunday March 30, 2014 during the Sunday School hour at 10 AM.  Sunday School classes are encouraged to participate together for the ceremony.  The church bus and the CCA bus will be available for convenience transportation to the ceremony.  Refreshments will be available in the gym after the ceremony.

I frequently drive by our new location and pray for God’s guidance and timing as we move forward.  Consider “drive-by praying” as a part of your weekly routine.  Drive by the building site and pray for the workers who are there.  Many who will be working on our building do not know Jesus, so pray for their salvation.  Pray also for their safety at work and to and from the site.  Pray for their families to know and serve Jesus.  Pray also for our new neighbors at Cloy Estates.  I believe our “drive-by praying” will bring about change in the lives of many.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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