March 18, 2020

Dear Members and Friends:

The constantly changing environment of COVID-19 makes it difficult to keep up.  Monday morning we had a plan. The President held a news briefing in the afternoon, which resulted in scraping the morning plan and starting again. I met with the Deacons Monday evening and talked through a fifteen-day plan (which is subject to change at any moment).

Being faithful followers of Jesus calls us to responsible citizenship. Because we have a case of COVID-19 in our community we will honor the guidelines and not have meetings of more than 10 people.  We will continue to meet in small groups to pray. Some Bible study or Sunday School classes may choose to meet in homes during this time, please be wise. Sunday school classes may also use Zoom (a free video conferencing tool available for smart phones and computers).

Worship opportunities will be available in three ways.

1) Live stream via the Church App. To get the Church App, search “FBC Clinton MO” the Apple or Android store for your telephone and download the free app. Once you have the Church App open it and choose the worship service to participate via video.

2) Live stream via the Church website, “” Open the Church website on your computer and participate in worship via the live stream.

Live Streams are available 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM Sunday.

(On Demand after 1 PM.)

3) Listen to the audio of worship via KDKD, 95.3 on your radio.

I was asked Monday, “What do I do about my offering?” The office is open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (closed Noon to 1 PM), people may drop off their offering at the office. Mailing it to 209 East Jefferson St is an option. Online giving through the Church App is available and has been for a couple of years. I am glad someone asked because it is of little concern to me, but greatly appreciated.

Prepare some popcorn and gather your family for Friday Night Theater. Use the streaming feature on the Church App or website to watch Yes Virginia. This will be a fun family evening and allow you to prepare for the Sunday morning live stream.

Do what you can to connect with others; isolation is a tool of the enemy, so be on guard. I want you to be well physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Really glad I am your pastor at this time,

Pastor Randy