We at First Baptist are blessed with a great number of musically gifted people who willingly use their talent to bless others.  I commend Kevin, the choirs, and musicians for an excellent presentation of the gospel through “Born Is The King.”  I am grateful for the time investment that each of you made to prepare and present the music in a way that I experienced God’s presence and power.  The great music opened a portal through which I could genuinely worship.  I was truly blessed by your gift.


When I reflect on 2012 the word that keeps coming to mind is blessed.  Gifted laypersons have used their spiritual gifts (faith, knowledge, leading, teaching, giving, and serving) to bless the whole church.  The commitment to the future through The New Horizon is blessing us now and will bless future generations in this community.  As I looked over the congregation from behind Saturday and Sunday evenings, I thought, “I am blessed to serve the group of wonderful people known as First Baptist.”


Christmas Eve Lord’s Supper worship is a great way to put “Christ in Christmas.”  Long-standing family traditions prohibit my physical participation in this worship event, but not my prayerful support.  The blend of sacred music, Christian art, and communion make this a powerful evening.  If you can attend, you will be blessed.


I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning as we conclude the Advent series OBEDIENT.

Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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