I am blessed enormously or completely oblivious.  Allow me to explain.  I was asked Sunday at lunch by a person, not a member of our church, “are you going to resign on Monday?”

My immediate response was, “No, why do you ask?”

“I thought all pastors resigned every Monday,”  he said.

“In all my years of ministry I have never had an experience on Sunday that caused me to think of resigning on Sunday,”  was my response.

Immediate reflection on the brief conversation posed the query;  I am either blessed enormously or completely oblivious.  Further reflection has yielded my conclusion that I am blessed enormously for the following reasons.

1.  My performance on Sunday, regardless of how good or bad I think it was, is not the measure of my self-worth or value to the congregation.  Worth and value are found in ones relationship with Jesus not his or her performance.

2.  The congregation’s acceptance or rejection of my performance is not the measure of my self-worth or value to the congregation.  Worth and value are found in what Jesus thinks of us not in what I and others think of my performance.

3.  The spirit in the churches I have been privileged to serve has been non-judgmental and supportive.  This is especially true in Clinton, for which I am very grateful.

The good news in this for all of us is that our worth and value comes from the work that Jesus is doing in us rather than the work we are doing for him.  I am really glad that it is Monday and I am eager to serve Jesus and you.  You are the best, I am glad to be your pastor.

 Journeying … ActsOne8 … Randy

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  1. Mary Phiri
    Mary Phiri says:

    I’m Mary Phiri from Zambia we have a project within our church the only challenge is lack of resources the aim of project is to support children who are orphans and vulnerable.

    The youth group started it’s operation in 2005 under baptist fellowship Church. we have a project proposal with all required documents would you love to take a look.

    Mary Phiri
    Project Coordinator
    Chipata Youth Outreach Ministry
    C/O Baptist fellowship Church

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